I’m very lucky to join this pre-course from vinku. I really have to say his course worth any single cent you pay. You’ll definately make money if you follow his step and have to put your work into it. His guide ‘s very detailed and easy to follow any newbie without any knowledge can follow and you can see result in less than a day. Highly recomment his course if you’re struggle to find a way to make money !

I don’t take that many copies, but this got my attention because I know how big potential content lockers or CPAs in general still have, and I honestly wasn’t wrong.
I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this.
The first impression that you will all have is that @vinku really didn’t miss anything and that he wanted to cover everything, and honestly, he succeeded in that!
You will get an explanation for each step you have to make, a ton of step-by-step guides, 31 videos… And more!
I believe it’s the course of a 20k word…
It goes without saying that every step is explained so that even the beginners, once they have read & watch everything, can start work immediately after that without any problems.
There is something for everyone, no matter if you are already experienced in content locker and CPA in general or a beginner, you will definitely find something new and learn some new things.
For me personally, I would be ready to go after this, you might see it differently…
What can I say, @vinku I wish you all the best with this thread of yours 😉



I just went through the entire course and I have to say it is really good.

It is very detailed, has instructions on how to make the videos even if you don’t you have the hack you are promoting or anything on any niche you are offering.

Also teaches how to make the landing pages easily copying and editing important parts in the files.

Also, show how to improve your settings on Ogads to increase your earnings.

I am doing blackhat for a long time (even though never tried youtube before), and I learned quite a few things.

the method needs hard work especially making the videos and can make good money, but not easy and takes some weeks or months to get it rolling.



I received Vinku`s course and went through it in detail in the last couple of days.

It offers all the info you need to start making money with YT traffic, but don`t expect a “get rich quick” scheme, you have to work on it hard to see results.

The course is very detailed, offering videos and tutorials for every step, offering extra tips from his own experience using Youtube and content lockers.

All in all, even if you are a beginner, you can put in the hours of work and make money with this info maybe even from the first month.

The value for money is definitely there. I recommend it.

Good job Vinku !



@vinku go to the entire process of how you can earn money with youtube and content lockers. It’s a step-by-step tutorial.
He is walking you through the entire process. You will learn how to create youtube videos yourself, how to rip landing pages. He is teaching you what niches are best for this. How to rank your Youtube videos and many more secrets inside the course.
You have all blueprint to success and to start making $50 per day like him even more. Only you need is to take action and money will roll in.
He is just making 10-15 videos per month and that’s enough for $50 per day. This is easily scalable if you have some money to invest or put more time into this.
Guys take this discount as this can be your best investment in life! 🙂



First of alll thanks a lot for letting me review this course!

This is a really detailled course for someone that want’s to take CPA via YouTube seriously. There are a bunch of different topics that cover essentially everything you need to know about CPA. It teaches you how to apply for a CPA network, which networks to use, what YouTube accounts to use/buy and everything about setting up your landingpage and lockers. It’s not a spoonfed course, you still need to do your work but it perfectly prepares you for your CPA advetures. I can definitely recommend not only this course but also @vinku as a seller. He was always available whenever I had questions and was able to answer/solve those.

If you’re looking to take CPA seriously and you need some guidance, this course is for you!
Again thanks a lot for giving me the chance to review your couse and best of luck with sales.



I received a free review copy for the course.

The course is designed in multiple sections as shown in BST. The usual YT + CPA process is to create a landing page, publish a video, drive viewers to the landing page, and earn money. The seller covers all these aspects. If you’re a complete beginner, you can learn everything from the course itself. There are some gold nuggets for advanced users like niche research and additional methods. There is only a thin line in YT + CPA to earn money without getting your video age restricted or deleted. The good thing about the course is that it covers the reasons why your video gets deleted to a great extent.

I’m not a beginner in CPA as most of my stable income comes from it. The newbies should be aware of the fact that it’s not a get rich quick scheme and there is a lot of competition in CPA. I didn’t find any easier method than CPA to earn money but it requires some hard work and persuasion. Moreover, you need to apply your own twists & turns to be successful. The seller doesn’t make any false claims of thousands of dollars. The estimated $30-$300 is feasible with consistent work.

I’d recommend this course to newbies and struggling marketers as it has enormous information. The advanced users may check course contents to see if they can learn something more.