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How do we earn with YouTube and advertising networks with content locker?

The mechanism is really simple and based on human greed, naivety or generally low
IQ society. In general, people will never get used to content lockers
and we will always have good earnings. Content lockers are with us continuously for a decade.
YouTube is only used as a good source of traffic that maybe someday we will have to replace.

The mechanism is simple:
1. We find something that people desires:
-hacks or game cheats to give them free gems, characters in game, lootboxes, whatever
-programs and games that are expensive in AppStore or Google Play (this method I use personaly)
-ebooks, pdfs
-sports events live transmissions
-series or anime, in the case of series and films of large western labels, we will get a ban
-instructions on how to do something on iOS or Android, eg how to make jailbreak ios 14 or root android
The possibilities are unlimited, you must find something that people desires and do not want to pay for it.

2. Proof Video
-show how to get the item desired by the viewer, for example a paid app
-video does not have to be true and this is an immoral side of this method of earning
-people do real videos, eg shows how to download a free ebook, but most people do
so-called fake proof videos, the user will loose time and not get anything in return

3. You convince the user to enter your website with landing page and make conversions
from content locker. It can be the installation of free app from AppStore or Google Play.

4. Re-conversion: When the user will unlock your content locker, you show him an “error” and tell him
to try again

So how you see yourself, earning money in this way is not clean.
User of course not lose any money. He only loses time, because in most cases he not receive anything in return.
Many people in this way have built a white hat business and give real value for conversions, eg access to the page
or real game codes. Most people, however, does not offer users anything in return and earn
hundreds of dollars a day. Question, what will you do? The value offered to the user depends only on you.