How to warmup TikTok accounts

The problem with Tiktok accounts is that you usually need to warm them up before using them. Yes you can
try to publish on fresh TikTok accounts or purchased accounts with many followers.
On Playerup, you can buy TikTok accounts with thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers. You do not have, however, any guarantee that the accounts were not built with bots. Even if the statistics of these accounts
are real, they are still useless for CPA.

I already say why:

  1. Followers usually have their own interests, e.g. they are interested in Fortnite movies with the Fortnite tag
  2. If you submit your video in a Fortnite niche, it will be liked by people interested in the niche
  3. If you hit the “main” page, the movie will also be displayed to other people who are interested in a given niche

Therefore, it is pointless to show the movie in the Fortnite niche to people who are interested in funny cat movies.
Not only will they not be interested in converting on your landing page. They won’t even know what’s going on!
Because, does any random person know what is vbucks, what is it for and why should they get it? We have to display our
video only to people interested in your niche. For example, I used to build a Genshin Impact niche by
I was browsing the game videos for several hours. This TikTok account shows me almost exclusively videos of Genshin Impact.

The second thing is geolocation. We need to build an account that will have followers from a given country. If we decide
In Switzerland, we view the videos displayed on the tag in Switzerland using a Swiss VPN.

So how do you build a TikTok account?
There are basically two methods and both require work.

We browse TikTok in a given niche, on tags such as Fortnite. Let’s like a given movie, we can also click follow next to the author’s movie.
Now for the most important part, we are going through the comments on the movie. This means that the people who commented are interested in the niche.
We go to each profile and click “follow”. We do 150-300 follows a day. No more, not to get a shadowban.
PLEASE NOTE: many websites telling, that maximum is 30 follows / hour!
In the meantime, we also watch movies, we act like a normal TikTok users. On one device, before reset,
we can manage 3-5 accounts. So it’s going to be around 750 follows a day. After a while, the users we track will start
giving us the so-called “follow back”. In this way, we build our accounts in a given niche.

The question is, how many followers do we need to have for our films to gain initial reach in a given niche and country?
One of the course users, Sandriya, spoke of 1,000 followers. However, I think that with large niches such as
Fortnite, we need 5,000-10,000 followers. The work to build such an account will take one to two weeks.
Yes, the amount of followers required is frustrating, but it’s reassuring that we can take action anywhere by doing
just something else. We can also build multiple accounts at once every day by simply resetting our phone

I think it requires even more work than the first method. Let’s just try to publish white hat videos in that niche and let’s try to
gather followers naturally. Unfortunately, this is a more difficult method and I don’t know if it’s better than the first. We must have good ones for sure
sources for videos that have not been posted on TikTok. We can use Instagram or convert YouTube videos to
1080×1920. However, I really advise you to be careful about this method and try to make a unique film as much as possible. In the following article, you have the info
on how to make a unique video on TikTok by downloading it from Youtube.