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Partner Program
Do you have friends who would like to buy this course? Would you like to sell it legally? I can offer you this option:
a) refer a friend, if your friend will buy my course you will get $ 20 after the sale on the same day (using crypto)
(you also have to tell me the same day your friend’s email)
b) maybe you have more friends? Contact me by email, I will create a special sales code for you
you will get $ 20 on each sale and your friends will get a $ 10 discount code

Contact [email protected]

The rules:
1. All sales must go through my website
2. All sales must be made via crypto or SEPA
3. Only users with a special code can sell my course to the public:
a) if you are selling my course publicly, you must provide a code, for example on Reddit
b) if you sell my course to the public, you cannot provide your contact details in the announcement or ask for the PM to be contacted
c) you need to redirect users to my website
* breaking the above points may result in sending a DMCA report against your listing, e.g. on Reddit, because I am doing it very often
4. In order to sell my course, you have to buy it yourself. You cannot sell without being my client.
5. Your clients have to buy the product at the full price of $129 or $119 if you have a special code.