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The obvious and most essential aspect of the OGYTcourse.com is the choice of the ad network for our adventure. We have various ad networks to choose from,
but it’s important that they have a content locker ad unit. Of course, we can create such an ad unit ourselves, having the appropriate one
programming skills and access to one of the aggregators of offers (e.g. MaxBounty), but our guide shows how to start earning fast,
and for this purpose, we must have accounts in advertising networks that will have a content locker to use immediately.
There are several such networks and in this article, I will try to describe them briefly.

OGADS.COM – the most famous advertising network offering Content Locker. It is also the preferred network for our course. The advertising network offers a wide range
of offers for mobile devices. Mainly CPI (COST PER INSTALL), so we can use the offers in Youtube videos.

Support – the best, fastest contact with a large number of managers. Support is also very flexible and is really interested in exactly your problem, offering a custom solution
Payments – monthly NET30 and weekly NET7 for people who earn $ 500 per month
Payment methods – PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Crypto (USDC)
Verification – upon registration, we are subject to a verification procedure. It is not always accepted, so I suggest simply writing to Ogads support in case of rejection
and talk to them live, explain what we will be using the ad network for.

Can I help you with the verification procedure? On your behalf, if you have registered from the link above, I can write to the administrator on Skype.
Unfortunately, I can’t promise anything, so don’t take my declaration for sure.
Read the following articles from BHW to make your application easier:

First try to register yourself. If you are refused, write to ben.ogmobi – on skype (Ogads administrator) and tell you was registered to OGYTCOURSE.com – if that not help, I will speak with him. Registering with my referral is must

CPABUILD.COM – an alternative network to Ogads that also includes CPI offers, in my opinion, the ad network has a much better console to manage our
account. We can also create a custom Content Locker or link directly to offers. A lot of people prefer this network over Ogads, but I can’t say anything else as my main network is Ogads and I don’t have that much experience with CPABUILD

Payments – weekly, NET7
Payment methods – PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer
Support – tickets only, support doesn’t seem to be interested in your problem
Verification – accounts are accepted immediately, so there will be no problems with the application

CPAGRIP.COM – an ad network similar to the above, but their main target is PIN Submit and CPA (Cost Per Action) ads. I don’t have much experience with this network
I also do not know their payment rules or support behavior. They only offer Payoneer, Paypal and Wire Transfer. Verification is instant.

ADWORKMEDIA.COM – an ad network that has mostly CPA offers, and they also offer weekly payouts to people who achieve the right quality of traffic
ADLUDUM.COM – an advertising network intended as an alternative to Ogads and CPABuild, I did not register in it, but it contains CPI offers

Monetizer.com – an ad network with weekly payouts using Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and Bitcoin. What’s interesting about it is the wide selection
of offers that we may link directly to, e.g. VPN offers. For example, we can tell our viewers that they can only get our website content after installing a VPN program.
The ad network has a large number of mobile offers for both platforms.