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You can only buy this course using cryptocurrencies.
The reason is obvious. We sell this course in many places on the internet. Using payment methods such as PayPal or credit card is risky. Many times I fell victim to people who charged back immediately after making the payment. They made me lose my Stripe account and Paypal account.
Therefore, cryptocurrencies are the safest payment method.

You can use:
-USDC coin

You can pay through Coinbase’s secure gateway.
Before that, however, you must purchase a cryptocurrency.
I recommend doing it with:
All services are available in most countries. After creating an account, you can pay for the cryptocurrency using your debit card or bank account. Some of these services may require your verification, which may take up to several hours.

Once you have the cryptocurrency, use the Coinbase gateway to pay for the course.
You will get a return .txt file
1. Download the file
2. Open and check the course password
3. Sign up for the newsletter, as the password will change. If you do not register for the newsletter, you may lose access to the course!

The refund issue
Due to the type of product, I do not offer returns. Think a few times before you buy the product.