Method: Youtube Search Engine Ranking

There are big difference between Youtube search ranking and suggested/overall Youtube ranking.
Search ranking is good for small niches like app installs, small game hacks, giveaway niches, ebook, selling your own product. Youtube overall ranking is good for big and general niches: new games, big game hacks.

You don’t want to make SEO with big niches because you will never get traffic. If you have smaller niches, SEO is the key. You will appear in Youtube Search and Google Search. It’s the best method to get traffic from many videos. However, this method is not good for huge niches like Pokemon Go Spoofer (ex)

  1. Choose your niche wise!
  2. Choose your Youtube account!
  3. Record video with voice over, watching carefuly on keywords
  4. Make thumbnails with correct file names
  5. Make captions and save to .txt file
  6. Upload video, thumbnail and captions
  7. Buy views in smm panel in first day!
  8. Buy comments and likes in smm panel in first day!
  9. Add social signals
  10. Index your video
  11. Repeat

Many people says the best to upload 10 minutes, 5 minutes videos! They are wrong!

In my Youtube experience, most of SMM Panel are giving you 2 minutes retention. So for CPA the best is to use 1.5 – 2 minutes video lenght because you will get the best retention. Tip about 5-10 minutes videos is for regular Youtubers and strong channels, not for people who are using SMM Panels

When you are making your video and have enough GPU/CPU strenght. Forget about HD videos and do 4k videos. These videos are stronger in ranking than HD videos. Tested many times and always video with 4k ranked higher.
Please note: this can be impossible for your PC to render 4k, so do not cry if you not able to do it

If you are doing Youtube or TikTok. Disable hard to make offers:
1. CPE offers should be disabled, nobody will do offers that requires to make 100 level or even 10 level in game
2. Disable all banking offers that requires full ID from user. Your viewers are kids, they don’t have ID
3. Disable all offers <10c, they are not worth your traffic
1. All PIN offers. Yes, they are kids but they can make PIN offers
2. All CPI offers, they pay 10c-30c but they are fast money
3. All keyword CPI offers, Ogads have many bursts for that
4. All email submit offers, they are fast to do

  1. Set up your locker on 2 conversions
  2. After unlock, redirect your user to content locker with some “error image”
  3. This will increase your conversions even more
  4. My Image example for locker, read first tip how to use it:

They are not recording on phone. They don’t have any magic game hacks to do it. They are recording one phone with second phone, but they are not doing any actions on their phone. No, they are not installing apps.
-for app installs they are mostly not opening any app, or they are opening the website in HTML similar to app design
-for game play they are first recording game from Youtube, then playing recorded video on phone with some video player like MX Player, they are just changing icon of that
-for game hacks, they are first recording menu via some screen recorder, editing on PC, uploading to phone and recording faked video with second phone

The app install niche is the easiest thing to start and publish video same day, all what you need to do is:
1. Find app / game what is paid and show users how to get it for “free”
2. You don’t need to show app or game, show just icon and tell “sweet words” that you already have it for free
3. Record content locker completion to increase CTR
4. Once you get first videos published and gaining video editor skills, try to show gamplay or app interface (of course fake)
5. It’s only matter of experience and good acting

First try to install newest GPU drivers. For integrated Intel card. Also try to enable in your BIOS “GPU acceleration”
Davinci Resolve is free, but it requires strong PC. You can use my course with these alternatives:
-Adobe After Effects
-Adobe Premiere
-Sony Vegas Pro
You can check for alternatives also here: https://www.shopify.com/blog/best-free-video-editing-software